Established in 1978 to recognize and promote excellence in contemporary poetry by ensuring the publication of five books of poetry a year through a series of participating publishers. Five distinguished poets will each select one winning manuscript for publication from entries to the Open Competition. Each winner will receive $10,000.

Robert Fagles Translation Prize Guidelines


The National Poetry Series will award one prize annually for the publication of a book of poetry in translation by a living poet. Anthologies with multiple translators, works of literary criticism, and scholarly or technical texts do not qualify. The prize recognizes book-length translations of poetry from any language into English. Nominators should submit the following by May 15th, to NPS, Robert Fagles Translation Prize, 57 Mountain Avenue, Princeton, NJ 08540:

1) This cover sheet, with all items filled in. 

2) A 10-12-page, single-spaced sample of the translation. 

3) The same poems [or passages] in the original language. If the work has been previously translated, include the same passage in the earlier version.

4) A one page single-spaced statement outlining the work and describing its importance. 

5) A bio-bibliography of the author including information on translations of his or her work into other languages.

6) A CV of the translator.

7) If the book is not in the public domain and the project is not yet under contract, submit a photocopy of the copyright notice on the original and a letter from the copyright holder stating that English-language rights to the book are available. The copyright notice is a line including the character ©, a date, and the name of the copyright holder, which appears as part of the front matter in every book.